Since 1999

Representation of Electrical and Mechanical Industrial Equipment: In 1999 Activity: Sales of equipments, spare parts, raw materials, and after sales services for the cable process industry.

REEMI offers solutions designed to cover a broad range of products for cable harness and electronics industries. We will be delighted to share with you the solutions for your challenges in the daily life of your business. We take pleasure in welcoming you to our company.


What is at the heart of our business

Our daily work is driven by quality and the commitment to critically examine what we do. We provide our clients with solutions that fully meet our quality standards. This commitment is at the core of our long-term trusted relationships with our clients. REEMI adheres to applicable laws, legal provisions, and other legal requirements, as well as relevant standards (ISO 9001), and continually improves the efficiency of its integrated management system.


On a 2899 m² plot, construction was carried out as follows:

An administrative block of 3 levels and 2 showrooms consisting  of 400 m² and 750 

Warehouse and logistics offices: 450 m².

Industrial Block B: an area of 750 m² 


The commercial department in our company is responsible for managing activities related to the sale of automotive wiring products.

1 Business Development: Identify new business opportunities, assess market needs, and work towards expanding the customer base.

2 Customer Relationship Management: Maintain relationships with existing customers, address their needs, resolve any issues, and ensure customer satisfaction.

3 Product Knowledge: Have a deep understanding of automotive wiring products, as well as market trends and developments.

4 Contract Negotiation: Participate in contract negotiations with clients, ensuring that terms and conditions are mutually beneficial.

5 Sales Strategy Development: Collaborate with the leadership team to develop effective sales strategies based on the company’s goals.

6 Performance Monitoring: Analyze sales performance, generate regular reports, and recommend strategic adjustments if necessary

Our after-sales service strategy is customer-focused, covering various aspects that contribute to effective support for the products we represent. Here’s a summary of the key strengths of our after-sales service:

  1. Technical Expertise: our team of 10 technicians is skilled in handling products from multiple brands, demonstrating a wide range of technical expertise. This ensures that the team can address diverse customer needs and challenges.
  2. Brand Coverage:  The specialization of the after sales team in different brands allows an in-depth knowledge and efficient problem-solving for each brand’s products.
  3. Geographic Presence: The strategic placement of technicians in different regions ensures a quick and responsive service. This geographic distribution is beneficial for minimizing downtime and providing timely assistance to customers across various locations.
  4. Skill Diversity: our technicians are specialized in taping, crimping, harness manufacturing and marking systems, indicating a diverse skill set. This versatility allows the team to address a broad spectrum of issues related to the represented products.
  5. Continuous Training: The commitment to continuous training is crucial in staying updated with the latest industry advancements. This ensures that our technicians remain knowledgeable and adept at handling new technologies and challenges.
  6. Customer-Centric Approach: The emphasis on personal service vehicles, strategic locations, and continuous training reflects a customer-centric approach. This is likely to enhance customer satisfaction and build long-term relationships.

Overall, our after-sales service is well-rounded and designed to meet the needs of all our customers effectively for any specific technical question

At REEMI, the spare parts supply management is ensured by a team with experience and expertise to carry out complex tasks that require a deep understanding of various types of spare parts, their lifecycle, and industry-specific needs.

Forecasting and Stock Management: Anticipating the demand for spare parts and ensuring that the right parts are available when needed is a crucial aspect of spare parts management.

Forecasting and Stock Management: Developing accurate demand forecasts and implementing stock management strategies can help ensure that spare parts are available when needed while reducing excess inventory. Techniques such as statistical forecasting and stock optimization can be beneficial in this regard.

Reducing Lead Times and Improving Delivery Performance: Long lead times and delivery delays can have a significant impact on operations and productivity.

Data and Technology: The use of data and technology can play a key role in spare parts management, from demand forecasting to stock management automation. Data and technology play a crucial role in spare parts management. By utilizing data and technology, REEMI can enhance forecasting, optimize stock levels, and automate many processes involved in spare parts management. Techniques such as data analysis, artificial intelligence, and appropriate technology can be employed.

Cost Management: Spare parts can be costly, and cost management is an important consideration in the spare parts supply chain.

Cost management of spare parts is an essential aspect of spare parts management. Cost reduction strategies, by implementing these best practices and using appropriate technology, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their spare parts management.




In 2007, the logistics department had only 2 staff members.

By 2023, this number has increased to 8, demonstrating significant expansion.

In 2007, the fleet consisted of 2 units.

In 2023, this fleet has grown to 4 units, thereby enhancing our operational capacity.

• Discussion on how the increase in personnel and transport assets has improved our logistics operations.

• Greater flexibility and the ability to handle an increased workload.

• Emphasizing our positive relationships with the inspectors from the REEMI company.

• Special mention of our ranking in the green lane, highlighting our compliance and reliability.

• Showcasing any awards or recognition received due to our commitment to operational excellence.

• Certifications for compliance and quality.

• Adoption of modern technologies to optimize logistics operations.

• Implementation of tracking systems, inventory management software


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events & technology


showroom consisting of 3 levels of 400 m² each, totaling 1200 m².


Automatic Store: Picking is made more reliable thanks to with sequential opening of drawers QR code label for each item 100% traceability of inputs/outputs Analysis/statistics and control avoid stock shortages simplify and secure the distribution of all references


Opening of a new 700m² showroom - Open House & WORKSHOPS.


Explore our expansive 700m² showroom featuring the latest products and innovations. Engage in interactive workshops led by industry experts. Enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions during the event. Connect with our team and discover how our products can enhance your lifestyle.

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New Technology

The NAS, or Network Attached Storage, is a standalone storage device that can connect to your private or business network via the Internet. It enables the backup, sharing, and security of your files, as well as facilitates access from multiple devices. This makes it a practical asset for enhancing teamwork and collaboration.”

Reemi Direct Platform allows customers to place orders and check stock online

We are a team ofmembers

Syrine Mhadhebi

CEO and Co-Founder

Mohsen Mejri

Supply Chain Manager

1 supply Manager

1 Procurement Manager

2 Procurement Assistant

Noureddine Khmaies

Logistics Manager

1 Logistics manager 

1 Logistics Agent

1 Logistics Administrative

1 Warehouse Manager

2 Warehouse Clerk


Jamel Chaali

Technical Manager

1 Technical Manager

11 Technician